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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Re-Launch of BetterPPC Product

We have now completely re-architected the BetterPPC application to take advantage of the release of the new Google AdWords API. The change in the performance of our application is incredible and the user experience will be MUCH better.

We are also readying the launch of two Free services. An automated "Ad Generator" that uses AI to create test ads, and a program that looks at existing ad campaign data (no testing required) and selects the optimum match of ads and keywords. The performance of this program will obviously not be as good as testing, but it will be a quick and easy way to get the "instant gratification" of improving your campaign, and will introduce our customers to some of the amazing power of our test and analysis product.

Behavioral Targeting Company Nabs Amazon Chief Scientist

Many believe as we do that the future of advertising lies in testing and data analysis. Poindexter Systems just hired away Amazon's chief scientist, Dr. Andreas Weigend. His expertise in testing and data analysis is probably one of the main reasons why Amazon is almost universally cited as being the best designed e-commerce site in the world. Amazon arrived at the design of their application through thousands of tests and analysis of user behavior.

I love this quote by Dr. Weigend: "Having an agile way of doing testing will affect where the market is going."

As a company dedicated to improving ad performance through testing ad copy, we agree.